Core Policies


Our West Lancashire is a loose grouping of civic-minded individuals. We have agreed some core policies below which our candidates and councillors support. These aim to change the culture of the council and put residents back in the driving seat. Beyond that, we will have no whip and our representatives will promote policies that suit their area. For details on these as they emerge in the coming weeks click on the links in the sidebar.


Reduce cost of running council

  • Cut councillor allowances to the Lancashire average - saving 90,000 a year
  • Two Managing Directors makes no sense - reduce to one Managing Director - saving around 120,000 a year

A Greater voice for residents

  • Email notification of planning and licensing applications every week on sign up
  • Introduce public question time at council meetings
  • Introduce local area budgets for projects and allow people in those areas to vote on fund allocation

Recognising YOU pay the bills - Unveiled 18 January 2015

  • One hour's extra parking FREE with a paid-for ticket at all council car parks for West Lancashire residents liable for council tax
  • Working with the Leisure Trust introduce 10% discount on charges at council leisure facilities and sports centres for West Lancashire residents liable for council tax
  • Council tax freeze in 2015 and NO inflation-busting council tax rises in future years from Our West Lancashire
  • Watch this space - We have one further theme for core policies which we will publish here over the coming days.

    Our West Lancashire is solely focused on achieving the best local government for the people of West Lancashire. Local councils have to make big savings in years to come and in West Lancashire there is a budget gap of more than 1 million. Labour and Conservative spend too much time attacking each other. Our candidates and councillors are committed to these core policies that put residents first.