About us

Our West Lancashire is a new force in LOCAL politics.  We are a loose grouping of civic-minded individuals.  We are a group of Independents launched in 2015. We have grown steadily since then and in 2019 gained four seats at the elections to take our tally to six councillors.  The current balance on the council means that after the May 2021 elections we could have a role in running the Council if Labour lose their majority.

Two party politics is failing us in West Lancashire. Labour and Conservative councillors are complacent and have to toe the party line. Time after time they fail to stand up for their local wards because they have to follow the dictates of their party. Whether in Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Burscough or the villages, residents feel excluded and ignored.   

We have a string of achievements to our name and we are the group setting the ideas agenda. We are determined to put residents before the party whip.  We’ve attracted people new to politics and from all the main political parties. Read a little about our people here.

Councillors, candidates and supporters at the launch of the 2019 Local Election Campaign