New Local Plan 2023-2040

In September 2019, after Our West Lancashire gained 4 seats from Labour in the local elections after OWL led strong public opposition to plans for 16,000 new houses, many of them in the green belt, Labour abandoned their previous local plan.

Now the process has started again. The Issues & Options consultation started on 18th November and runs until Thursday 27th January.  It covers a schedule of proposed preferred and alternative Local Plan policy approaches that will form the basis of the new Local Plan.  The 26 policies covered in the consultation will be grouped into 5 main topic areas including Strategic Policies; Environmental & Health; Housing; Economy and Education; and Transport and Energy.  However, at this stage of the process the proposed housing numbers and employment land requirements will NOT be included, that comes later.

The consultation documents and ability to comment are available at this link https://letstalkwestlancashire.uk.engagementhq.com/hub-page/local-plan-2023-2040-scope-issues-and-options?draft=true and we are encouraging you to make comments.  We can be sure that developers will be commenting.

35 local residents attended the Bickerstaffe workshop

There is no need to rush your response and Our West Lancashire can provide advice and support.  We held a local workshop in Bickerstaffe on 1 December pictured here.

If you would like us to hold a workshop in your locality during the consultation period, then please get in touch. We will also provide advice by phone and email.