Get Involved

Whether you can only spare a hour or so or a few pounds, or whether you want to get more involved in challenging the complacent two party culture in West Lancashire, there is a role for you. The local Labour party have the benefit of the taxpayer-funded MPs office.

The local Conservatives have more than £30,000 in the bank and more on deposit at the national party.

To mount an effective campaign in the coming months Our West Lancashire need a little support from a lot of people.

Can you help with leafletting or letter writing?

Would you join as a member?

Would you relish talking with residents about their concerns – either on the doorstep or by phone?

Do you have particular skills in for example, web design or marketing that would benefit Our West Lancashire?

Could you make a donation? £35 would pay for 1000 leaflets.

Are you interested in community action, where we take practical action to improve a part of West Lancashire? Let us know of any grot spots that need some tender loving care.

Contact us