Cllr Tom Marsh-Pritchard

Tom Marsh-Pritchard lived in West Lancashire all his life

Tom Marsh-Pritchard is the latest recruit to the Our West Lancashire team. He has lived in Westhead for all his 28 years before moving to Old Skelmersdale in Summer 2022.

Tom is part of our Bickerstaffe and Westhead OWL team. He is currently Bickerstaffe FC’s men’s first team manager and has been associated with the club for 6 years guiding them to the local Premier Division. Prior to that he was a semi-professional football referee for 10 years before stepping down to pursue management.

Tom has worked in Skelmersdale for 6 years now and is very familiar with the area.

Tom was elected as a councillor for the Rural South ward on June 22nd. He is looking forward to getting to meet people in the ward and helping them and OWL in any way he can. He can be contacted at Cllr.Marsh-Pritchard@westlancs.gov.uk