Mark Brown – Rural West

Mark Brown lives fairly centrally in the new Rural West ward in Halsall and has lived in the local area for 30 years.  He’s now semi-retired but spent most of those years travelling through the area on his way to work in Southport.

Mark says, “I’ve seen a few changes over the years, but thankfully no huge housing estates.  Our local services and infrastructure couldn’t cope.  So, one of my top priorities is to press for green belt protection.  We must maintain the identities of our villages and hamlets.

“I support the efforts of rural policing and will press for improved road conditions; litter bins; recycling schemes; waste reduction and challenges to litter and fly-tipping issues and more.

Having run a £multi-million business in Southport for 20 years, I’m totally au fait with cost   control that common sense must bring about.  As a councillor I would use my skills and nous to look for cost savings and seek to weed out inefficiencies.