Garden Waste Charge Petition – tell Labour “No”

Update: 1st March 2024. The petition is closed. 1629 West Lancashire residents added their names and it was presented to the Labour Council cabinet before Wednesday’s council meeting. Unfortunately the Labour party did not listen and the £45 charge will go ahead from June. This will likely lead to a reduction in recycling rates; increased fly tipping and nuisance burning. It will hit lower income households disproportionately.

The Labour cabinet has passed proposals to increase garden waste charges to £45 this year. The proposal now goes to a final vote on 28th February. So now is the time to tell the Labour cabinet “No”.

We the undersigned oppose the plans of West Lancashire’s Labour Cabinet to hike the charge for garden waste collection by 50% to £45. This is an unjustified rise greatly exceeding any increase in the cost of providing the service and hits those without cars disproportionately. When garden waste charges were first introduced, recycling rates fell as some garden waste ended up in the grey bins for general waste. The same thing will happen again. We ask the Labour-run Council to think again.

The public petition list here will only display your first name and first letter of your surname. No other details are published. If you prefer to be completely anonymous here, then please select the box in the petition below. Your full name and address will be included on the printed petition we will present to the Labour cabinet before the decision making meeting on 28th February.