Improvements possible at Fiveways junction

Further Action Possible at Fiveways Junction after Halsall Lane One way plans dropped

Concerned Halsall Lane residents

The Independents welcomed the news that the county council had finally listened to local residents and dropped plans for a one-way system on Halsall Lane in Ormskirk. However, they say this mustn’t mean an end to efforts to improve safety at the Fiveways junction.

Ian Davis, who previously spoke out in support of Halsall Lane residents who had felt ignored by local councillors said, “More than half the responses to the consultation came from Halsall Lane and there was overwhelming opposition to the proposed one way system. I’m glad the county council have dropped the plan, but if the local councillors had been listening to residents in the first place, it would never have got this far.”

Gordon Johnson, an Ormskirk activist with Our West Lancashire, and a retired police officer said that the efforts to improve safety at the Fiveways junction must continue. “I understand that new signal controllers may be installed, but there are other possible improvements. There is some land available that would allow a widened approach to the junction from one direction and traffic light enforcement cameras might also have a role. Lancashire County Council need to start more detailed discussions with the residents of Ormskirk.”

The news that the proposed one way system on Halsall Lane would not proceed was provided to residents at the Police and Communities Together meeting in Ormskirk on Monday 6th March following the consultation launched in December.

The previous press release from Our West Lancashire before the consultation is available here.