Finally Cllr Moon resigns

Responding to news that Hesketh bank Councillor, Conservative Paul Moon has today resigned his seat on West Lancashire Borough Council., Council Independents, Our West Lancashire warmly welcomed the move.

OWL councillor, Adrian Owens, said “Ever since it emerged that Paul Moon was sitting as a councillor in two different parts of Lancashire, we have been calling for him to step down and now he’s finally heeded the numerous calls to do so. There was no way he could effectively represent two different areas.”

“That he was allowed to stand as a councillor in Hesketh Bank and to keep quiet about the fact that he was already a councillor in Wyre at the time of the election campaign reflects very badly on the local Conservative leadership.”

“His resignation finally gives Hesketh Bank residents the opportunity to elect a councillor who will put their interests first and foremost.”

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