Council Leader quizzed over waste bin Breakages

Jane's blue bin with a lid damaged by the collection wagon.
The damage to Jane’s bin. Click to enlarge

An Independent councillor is to quiz the Council Leader at this week’s council meeting after three of her blue recycling bins have been broken during the bin emptying process in the past 12 months.

Cllr Jane Thompson said, “I am now on my 4th bin due to the bin lids on the previous bins being broken on emptying by the bin wagon.  This is not the fault of the bin men just poor quality of the lids on the more recent batch of bins that have been purchased.”

“I am aware of other residents suffering a similar problem.  Residents have told me that when they rang the council, they were told they would have to pay for a new bin.  I am also aware the bin wagons are not reporting broken bin lids unless challenged to do so.  The older bins are more durable and I’m concerned that residents might be being penalised due to a poor buying decision by the council.  That’s why I’ve tabled a formal question to the Council Leader at Wednesday’s council meeting.”

The question tabled is detailed below:

To ask the Council Leader:

  1. How many residential wheelie bins used for general waste; recyclates; or green waste have been damaged during the bin emptying/collection process and had to be replaced as a result since 1st October 2018. I believe new bins were bought 18 months ago by the Council that are not up to the same standard. 
  2. The total cost to the council of replacing the bins/lids damaged and replaced at a) above
  3. The total cost charged to residents of West Lancashire for replacing the bins damaged and replaced at a) above
  4. What steps the council has or will take to ensure that this problem does not continue to occur.
  5. How many new bins have been reported damaged by the bin wagons and how many reported to customer services over the last year and a half.
Three different coloured WLBC recycling bins
The bins most residents have.