We hope that you will get involved actively in Our West Lancashire, but we also need your financial support. Consider this: The local Labour party have the benefit of the taxpayer-funded MPs office, while the local Conservatives reportedly have more than £30,000 in the bank and more on deposit at the national party. The local Labour party spent more than £8,500 at May’s local elections.

We operate on a fraction of the budget of the main parties and we make sure we spend every penny wisely. Local elections and our campaigns to support resident concerns cost us a four figure sum, so we need your financial help.

  • £5 would pay for our website for one month
  • £15 would pay for a social media campaign
  • £30 would pay for 1000 leaflets
  • £300 would cover our likely election expenses in one ward

Whatever you can afford would be gratefully received. Either use the secure online donation facility by clicking on the donate button above or send your cheque made payable to:

Ian Davis, Treasurer,

Our West Lancashire,

9 Greenacre,



L40 6HR.