Blair Piggin

Blair represents residents and OWL in Scott Ward, where he grew up.

Blair joined OWL in 2016, initially as our social media officer, and has become much more involved over time, and that remit now includes this website. Blair was delighted to be invited to join the OWL committee in 2017.

He started his career at a multi-national in the City after graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University. After a number of years living and working around the City, he found his friends, family and the life style in West Lancashire to be a bigger pull than the rat-race and impersonal nature of city life.

Blair has grown exasperated with the two-party, tribal nature of local politics in West Lancashire, and is fed up seeing that residents are often main losers. He was fired into action when faced with the apathy and complacency of some local councillors regarding over development of the town.

OWL proved invaluable to Blair and his neighbours when faced with over-development next door to their home, and together we were able co-ordinate objections and defeat the application at the local level. Subsequently, upon appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol, Blair’s detailed submission no doubt helped to ensure the plan was once again rejected. A mutually agreeable scheme eventually proceeded.

Since joining OWL, he has played an important role, often behind the scenes, and often manning the social media pages – sometimes well into the night, such as when the 2018 Local Plan bomb-shell was dropped.

Looking forward, Blair hopes that we can preserve the best of Ormskirk town centre, and ensure it remains a pleasurable place to visit. Central Government plans that may give rise to six floor buildings in the town are top of his priorities. He has long advocated for event funding for the town centre, and is pleased to see that idea is being taken up.