Council make £391,000 cash surplus

WLBC has spare cash

West Lancashire Borough Council made a surplus on its Revenue Account of £391,000 in the last financial year equivalent to 5% on council tax.

Now, Our West Lancashire is calling for a reversal of recent changes saying they are not necessary.

Councillor Adrian Owens, who served as the Council’s Finance Portfolio Holder for six years said, “The council have been saying they are having to making cuts to balance the books, but these figures showing a large cash surplus for the last financial year show this isn’t the full picture. There was no need to introduce a charge for garden waste collection or the damaging cut to the funding of the Wellbeing Centre for Older People in Ormskirk. They should be reversed.”

The Independent councillor concluded, “Currently our streets and verges look unkempt and uncared for. The council should spend some of this surplus, which is residents’ money after all, on providing the services that matter to residents.”