OWL highlight Government plans that might mean SEVEN different waste bins for homes in West Lancashire.

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Government proposals that could mean homes in West Lancashire having to store and use SEVEN different waste bins have been termed ‘completely impractical for many’ by Our West Lancashire.

The proposals are contained in a Government consultation on recycling which closes on 4th July.  Knowsley ward councillor, Kate Mitchell said, “I live in a terraced house and like many residents there is neither the space nor the layout at my home to store seven separate waste and recycling bins.  Even if homes have space these proposals risk antagonising the public.  We need to boost our recycling rates but that is best done by keeping systems simple.  Currently our recyclable materials are mostly collected together and separated at a materials recycling facility near Preston.”

“Having separate bins for glass; metal; plastic; paper and card; and food waste for recycling and then the general grey waste bin and a brown bin for garden waste will cause problems for many residents, especially when we have a well-understood system at the moment.”

“I hope that the Government listens to responses to the consultation and provides flexibility for local councils to use the system that is best for their area.”