Local Voters need to Finish the Job to Kill off Labour’s Damaging Local Plan Proposals

Local voters need to use May’s local elections to kill off Labour’s damaging local plan proposals say the Council Independents, Our West Lancashire.

Following a vague announcement from local Labour councillors about modifying the proposed Local Plan, Our West Lancashire Councillor Adrian Owens said, “The Labour press statement was high on rhetoric, but said little. I and my OWL colleague, Cllr Davis were briefed on the local plan by the council only last week. The 30-year timeframe is staying; the large logistics parks by the M58 are staying; the need for huge tracts of green belt and most versatile agricultural land for development is staying.”

Some questionable thinking… and one man with far to much influence – Simon Waller

“The main change is that the Council have been found out on their inaccurate calculations of housing numbers. The representation from Sefton Council makes clear that many of the statements our council made in the consultation document last autumn could not be substantiated. The council is still going to propose new housing numbers well into five-figure territory and expect us to be pleased that the number is slightly less than the previous number they conjured up.”

Our MP is correct. The whole proposals should be scrapped and the local plan review process recommenced. That’s what Our West Lancashire, the Council Independents are campaigning for as well. Only by punishing Labour at the ballot box in May will local voters and residents get the changes that they so clearly want.”